Assam EWS Certificate 2024: How To Apply, Eligibility & Form Download

Assam EWS Certificate: The necessity and value of the numerous certificates issued by the State and Central Governments are both well known to us. Similar to an EWS certificate of pay, status, and housing permission, the Assam state government started issuing EWS certificates. If you fall under the category of the economically disadvantaged, you can apply for an EWS certificate to qualify for some benefits that are exclusively available to those who fall under this category and to long-term residents of the Assam state. Read below to check the detailed information related to the Assam EWS Certificate like Highlights, Objectives, Features, Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents, Validity, Income Criteria, Issuing Authority, Application Process, and much more

Assam EWS Certificate

Assam EWS Certificate 2024

The Assam government has launched an initiative called the Assam EWS Certificate that will make it simple for members of the economically underprivileged section of society to apply for a document proving their status as such and enable them to take advantage of the welfare programs offered in the state of Assam. The Assam State Government provides residents who fall under the Economically Weaker category with an EWS Certificate.  The economically disadvantaged elements of the general category benefit from EWS reservation through this state government certificate, which also entitles them to 10% direct enrollment in general jobs and administration. EWS diploma recipients also receive a 10% attractive quality benefit when working for government agencies or higher education institutions. Recipients who receive EWS reservations are not regarded as being eligible for the benefits of SC, ST, and OBC reservations.

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Assam EWS Certificate Key Highlights

NameAssam EWS Certificate
Issued ByRevenue Department, Government of Assam
BeneficiariesEconomically Weaker category
Objective10 percent reservation in jobs as well as institutions
BenefitsVarious Services Benefits
Application ProcedureOnline
Official Website

Objective Of EWS Certificate

The Assam State Government’s EWS Certificate Assam program’s primary goal is to assist the state’s economically underprivileged and less fortunate residents. To those who qualify and fill out the EWS application form, an EWS certificate is given. EWS certification gives the beneficiaries the benefit of a 10% reservation in government firms and establishments. This certificate is supplied by the state government and is originally utilized as pay support. Reservation will be given to the state’s economically disadvantaged areas that fall under the general category through this certificate.

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Features and Benefits of Assam EWS Certificate 2024

Some of the key features and benefits of Assam EWS Certificate are as follows:

  • The Assam State Government has launched the Assam EWS Certificate program, through which EWS certificates will be given to the economically underprivileged and weaker members of the general category.
  • The recipients initially use the EWS Certificate, also known as salary declaration, as salary assistance.
  • The Assamese individuals who qualify for this certificate would receive a 10% discount on EWS certification for government enterprises and establishments.
  • Unreserved category candidates shall be appointed to the remaining positions if the EWS certificate holder is unable to fill all of the EWS-reserved positions during the recruiting procedure due to a lack of qualified applicants.
  • It is not permissible to deny the eligible beneficiary of this certificate the opportunity to apply for appointment to the unreserved position.
  • The beneficiaries of the EWS Certificate are chosen for appointments based on their qualifications, not their status as Assamese nationals.
  • Individuals who are chosen based on merit will not be included in the reservation quota.
  • The certificate issuing authority should be used by educational institutions and hiring government organizations. To confirm the validity of the applicant’s income and asset certificates.
  • Aside from that, those connected to this certificate will be evaluated according to the assessment rooster data for EWS and the benchmark disability quota for ex-servicemen.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants applying for the Assam EWS Certificate must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • The certificate will be delivered in 21 days.
  • Under this certificate, there are no age restrictions.
  • This certificate’s validity is limited to a certain amount of time, usually one year.
  • Individuals who do not fall under the EWS category are those who have assets aside from family income.
  • The applicant will not be taken into consideration for an EWS certificate if they have 15 bighas or more of cultivable land in rural areas.
  • If the applicant has 1 bigha or more of property used for residential purposes in a rural location, they will be deemed ineligible for this facility.
  • If the applicant owns 1.5 Katha of land in the Municipal Corporation, Municipal Board, or Municipal Committee area that has been informed.
  • Homes with built-up areas of 1000 square feet or more in locations where the Municipal Corporation, Municipal Board, or Municipal Committee has been notified will not be taken into consideration.

Assam Ration Card 

Required Documents

  • PAN card of self or parents
  • Voter ID card or Citizenship Certificate of self or Parents
  • Birth Certificate issued by Competent Authority/Admit card of the certificate of Madhyamik or equivalent examination
  • Income Certificate from prescribed authorities
  • Pay slip of Self/Parents
  • RoR/Parcha/Registered Deed
  • Residential Certificate
  • Certificate in support of sub-caste from Pradhan of Gram Panchayat, Chairman of Municipalities, Councilor of Municipal Corporations
Assam EWS Certificate Validity

After a citizen applies for an EWS Certificate in Assam, an officer of the relevant office verifies the applicant’s income and assets, and after approximately 21 days of verification, the applicant is given the EWS certificate. Income and Asset Certificates are only good for a certain amount of time, and EWS Certificates typically have one-year validity.

Assam EWS Certificate Income Criteria

Everyone who does not reserve a spot in the SC, ST, or OBC categories. Similar to those whose total annual family income is less than 6 lakhs. (In this case, family salary comprises earnings from all sources, such as gardening, compensation, company, etc.)

Assam EWS Certificate Issuing Authority

The EWS Certificate can be issued by the following officials

  • District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate / Collector / Deputy Commissioner / Additional Deputy Commissioner / First Class Stipendiary Magistrate / Executive Magistrate / /Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Taluka Magistrate / Additional Assistant Commissioner
  • Sub-Divisional Officer or the area where the candidate and/or his family ordinarily resides.
  • Chief Presidency Magistrate/Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate/Presidency Magistrate Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar

Application Process for Assam EWS Certificate

You must adhere to the simple steps outlined below if you want to apply for the certificate:

  • If you were successful in receiving the income and asset certificate from the revenue circle’s circle officer, you may apply for the EWS certificate.
  • After the applicant’s income and asset certificate have been verified, the EWS certificate will be sent to the beneficiaries.
  • The application is sent to the authority after it has been thoroughly reviewed. The applicant then has two weeks from the day the application was received to attend for verification of sub-caste and family income.
  • The verification test report and application will then be forwarded to the relevant certificate issuing body, which will examine the pertinent report and accompanying documentation.
  • The applicant will receive the Income and Asset Certificate in the required format if everything regarding the applicant’s eligibility is deemed suitable.

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